Indie Music


The Twilight Sad


Two Stripe

The LaFontaines

He Slept On 57

X.E-L.A & The UFO Acid Godz

5 Bands to Look Out For in 2012.

Dog Is Dead

Admiral Fallow

How does Scotland continually produce these great indie bands?

New Writer

Favourite bands so far this year


Washington Irving


The Second Hand Marching Band

The Pantomime Villains

Cancel The Astronauts- Intervention- Review

Johnny and the Giros


Be Like Pablo- The New Adventures

The Second Hand Marching Band

Johnny 5th Wheel and the Cowards.

We Came From The Sea

The Winter Tradition

Chvrches (yes, again!)

It's not Song of the Day, it's Song of the Week!!

The Pantomime Villains

He Slept On 57

The Mouse That Ate The Cat

Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers.

Song of the Day #10

Song of the Day #3

Augustines | Liquid Rooms | 15/5/14

My musical taste over the years...

The Winter Tradition - secret show

Holiday Hiatus!!


Gentlemen Duke.

The Bedroom Hour

Frightened Rabbit: The Loft - Forres.

Those Who Wait

Mata MacDonald

Behold the Old Bear.

Campfires In Winter

Song of the Day #6

Dog Is Dead

The Twilight Sad

Song of the Day.